Speaker Presentations
DAY 1:

Keynote Speech: Data and intelligence from EHRs for efficiency, performance and innovation
Jillian Oderkirk

EPR Deployment: Dream or Reality?
EPR Deployment and IT Investments in European Hospitals: The Reality Today
John P. Hoyt

Hospital IT Strategy & Deployment: How to Accelerate the Deployment of Advanced Clinical Systems and Prepare Hospitals to connect to the Wider Care Community?

User Reality and Challenges: How to Move from Availibility of IT Systems to Clinical Adoption and Usage in Daily Clinical Routine Practice?
Claus Duedal Pedersen

DAY 2:

Keynote Speech: How to measure outcome in healthcare, and how health ICT contributes

Session 1: Digital Hospitals
Industry: Olivier Croly
Regional authority: Hans Nielsen Hauge

Session 2: Regional and National Electronic Health Records
Regional authority: Juan Carlos Contel

Session 3: Big Data
Industry: John Crawford
National authority: John Parkinson
Moderator: Duane Schulthess

Session 4: mHealth
National authority: Anne Kallio