About the 1st Annual COCIR eHealth Summit 2014

The future of healthcare in Europe is uncertain. Healthcare faces the inevitability of having to find ways to deliver more services of higher quality at contained costs to meet increased demands for services and new ‘consumer’ expectations. In practice, there are massive changes to be made in the healthcare organisation and reimbursement mechanisms if the basic principles of universal coverage and solidarity in financing care provision are to be preserved.

Healthcare systems across Europe, and actually around the world, are facing challenges that cannot be met by a ‘business as usual’ approach. There is an urgent need to transform healthcare delivery at the patient level and to integrate currently fragmented care processes. Hospitals are no exception and will play a critical role in participating in this paradigm shift.

In the upcoming era of integrated care hospitals and other care providers will collaborate and share patient data, knowledge and insights form day-to-day operations. They will focus on continuous care, disease prevention and disease management.

This journey of transformation is however just at the beginning. Enabled by innovative technologies coupled with electronic information and communication systems, connected and coordinated healthcare organizations provide numerous opportunities to deliver care for patients while offering greater transparency, flexibility and choice, and increasing access to the services available.

Main topics at the eHealth Summit will include:

  • Integrated care and chronic disease
  • Hospital IT investments and EPR deployment
  • Regional & national longitudinal Electronic Health Record deployment
  • Big data
  • mHealth

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